Spring Reawakening and Spring Cleaning

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Spring Reawakening As winter turns to spring things start to stir, move and wake up from the long winter’s sleep. As Nature’s cycles continue to turn from one season to another, a person’s life can also follow these patterns. Winter … Continued

Finding the Gifts of the Shadow

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Imagine a résumé for your “shadow”—that unconscious part of us that holds all the stuff we deny, discount, disown, bury or pretend does not exist:   Vengeful, easily victimized, lazy, bad, untrustworthy. Excel at hopelessness and rage, expert on greed. … Continued

The Celebration of Imbolc and Brigid

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Imbolc means “in milk” or “in the belly”. It refers to the time of lactation for livestock in preparation for the birthing of baby animals in the spring. On Feb. 1, in this time between winter solstice and spring equinox, … Continued

The Woman’s Way

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The Woman’s Way   As the fall season approaches in the northern hemisphere, the fruits of the season are harvested and often it was the woman that was involved in that harvest as she was responsible for the planting of … Continued

Elements October 2012

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Elements of Healing Energy Last weekend was Fall Equinox in the northern hemisphere; the time when night and day are of the same length.  From that date our daylight time will be getting shorter.  The beginning of fall heralds the … Continued

Release Your Limiting Beliefs

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Release Your Limiting Beliefs Using Reiki to Release and Heal What is holding you back from being successful?  Having problems with Health, Wealth or Relationships? Are you ready to do what it takes to Release It? Come to Our Creating … Continued

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