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Creating Balance Through Growth and Goal Success


My latest coauthored book, My Journey My Journal has been launched! Your journal is your sacred place. Here you can capture and nurture your most creative thoughts and inspired ideas. 215 of the finest minds and biggest hearts in the world of empowerment have come together in this bestseller to encourage you daily to realize your greatest vision.

My CoAuthors and I urge you to find power and inspiration within yourselves. Only by experiencing your own unique journey, can you truly live a fulfilling life where no opportunity is missed.

All advice in this award-winning, cutting-edge journal will ultimately help you in facing personal/professional challenges with courage and resilience. Check out the book trailer:

Here is the link to purchase
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Take this quiz to see how much Balance you have in your life! Call Wanda to create more Balance.

Do you feel Satisfied and Connected with all areas of your Life?

I specialize in helping people improve their spiritual health through increased awareness and consciousness.

Now also a promoter of Pruvit exogenous ketones to improve things physically and mentally. Check out

Balance the Chaos to take your life to the next level.

I use tools and techniques to help you create balance with goal achievement through:

  • Personal Growth Coaching
  • Reiki classes and sessions (Holy Fire Reiki!!)
  • Access The Bars classes and sessions
  • Access Body Processes
  • Shamanic Healing sessions and Intro to Shamanic Journey classes
  • Akashic record readings
  • Other holistic energy therapies such as Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch

Sessions can be tailored to suit each individual. Coaching options with or without energy work are available.

Have you been putting things off? Check out my webinar, Overcoming Procrastination for tips, tricks and strategies.

Overcoming Procrastination With Wanda Davis



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Testimonial from a Student: Fabulous experience! Wanda is a lovely person who loves to share her joy and passion for energy healing through her classes and her work. She is supportive and informative making her class a joy in itself to take. After taking a Reiki class with Wanda she continues to offer feedback and guidance which is a bonus. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering taking a class. JB



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