Live Through the Heart

I’m Wanda. I teach and coach people to discover their gifts, become more self-aware, and live through the heart.

Accessing more love through the heart allows success and more freedom from fears and pain.

I also help women looking to achieve more personal growth so they can access more love and freedom. 

Wanda Davis, B.Ed.,B.Sc.,M.Sc., Certified Coach CCF, Professional Speaker and Best-Selling Author


Wanda speaks about From Head to Heart and Getting Unstuck from Pain. Discover what Life has to offer.  

Coaching and Energy Work

Work with Wanda to Discover Your Gifts so that you can offer your Gifts to the world with one-on-one coaching!


Wanda is an inspiring author of books that will help you to be a better you, body, mind, and spirit.

Discover how to find the essence of who you are

I use tools and techniques to help you create balance with goal achievement through:

Personal Growth Coaching
Reiki classes and sessions (Holy Fire Reiki!!)
Shamanic Healing sessions and Intro to Shamanic Journey classes
Akashic record readings
Other holistic energy therapies such as Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch

Sessions can be tailored to suit each individual.
Coaching options with or without energy work are available.

Testimonial from a Student: Fabulous experience! Wanda is a lovely person who loves to share her joy and passion for energy healing through her classes and her work. She is supportive and informative making her class a joy in itself to take. After taking a Reiki class with Wanda she continues to offer feedback and guidance which is a bonus. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering taking a class. JB

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