June 2012

Meditation helps heal.
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Elements of
Healing Energy

Wanda Davis


Radio Podcast on the Benefits of Reiki
If you missed the airing of Wanda talking about the Benefits of Reiki on The Savvy Senior Show you can still listen to the podcast on Wanda’s website athttps://wandadavis.ca/?p=326 or athttp://www.am980.ca/HostShow/SavvySenior.aspx.  Feel free to share the links with friends who are looking to learn more about Reiki.

From My Garden: Bleeding Heart.

New Postcard

Have you seen our new postcard?  Take a look! Postcard or see the Blog entry.

Staying Centred and Being Your “True Self”

As I read Deepak Chopra`s latest book, `Spiritual Solutions`, as it often happens, some of his words resonated very well with me.  In his chapter about the Path to the True Self, he describes First Attention as the level of awareness in the physical world and Second Attention is when a person follows intuition and insight and connects with the True Self.  Methods such as meditation, contemplation and self-reflection help a person reach the second awareness.  “Ìf you are really established in your true self, the knockabout of the everyday doesn’t shake you.  You feel detached, but not because you don’t care or because you have zoned out.  Spiritual detachment means that you view the world from a timeless place.”  It means you are able to stay centred and reflect on things without entering the drama.  Staying centred is important so that you are not affected by stress and the emotions/drama of others.  You can still be involved and contribute in a heart centred way.

Another quote from Deepak’s book is, “Don’t remain in any situation that makes you so uncomfortable that you aren’t yourself.”  One needs to be mindful of when you are quickly reacting to your environment.  Stand back for a second to make sure that is how you want to react.  Stressful situations may require time before you react. If you connect to your true self, peace, clarity and wisdom will serve as guides in times of crisis.
“It is those who have a deep and real inner life who are best able to deal with the irritating details of outer life.”
Evelyn Underhill, British writer

Meditation Seminars

As mentioned above, mediation can help one look inside oneself to look for guidance.  Meditation also has many health benefits, both physiologically and emotionally.  In addition to decreasing heart rate and blood pressure, meditation is also good for relaxation and decreasing stress.  See upcoming events for Wanda speaking about How to Reduce Your Pain with Meditation.  Several meditation methods will be discussed and these can be used not just for reducing pain and stress (pain is a type of stress), but also for self-reflection and gaining insights.  Also note the new offering of Guided Meditation sessions on several Wednesdays in June.  

Upcoming Events – Get Well and Stay Well

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Reduce Your Pain with Meditation Seminar(Click to see the poster)

Thurs. June 7 at 7 pm at Central London Library
Fri. June 8 at 2 pm at Cherryhill Library
Thurs. June 14 at 7 pm at St. Thomas Public Library

Shamanic JourneyingSeminar
Sunday, June 10 at 6:30 pm at Seekers at St. Jude’s Church (Fanshawe and Adelaide)
Wed. July 11 at 7 pm atUnity Church (Exeter and Meadowbrook, Click to see poster)
New!  Guided Meditation Sessions
Come and relax during a group guided meditation session.  Please call to book your spot.
Wednesdays June 13, 20 and 27 at 7-8 pm
Join us for 1 night ($10 each) or for them all (prepay 3 for $25)

Reiki I Class

Sat. June 23
9:30 am – 4 pm

Reiki II Class

Coming Soon
Please contact Wanda if interested.

Introduction to Journeying Class

Sat. July 21
12 – 5 pm
Please contact Wanda to register at 226-374-9045
or email atwandadavis823@gmail.com.
All classes held at 190 Wortley Rd. LL#2.
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Get well and stay well.  Contact Wanda for your healing treatment.
If you are interested in a Reiki or Journeying Class,
but can’t make the above dates, private classes may be arranged.

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