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Last weekend was Fall Equinox in the northern hemisphere; the time when night and day are of the same length.  From that date our daylight time will be getting shorter.  The beginning of fall heralds the fall harvest and the full moon after the fall equinox is called the Harvest Moon (Sept. 29).  And then of course, the lyrics to Neil Young’s song, Harvest Moon, start going through my head (I’m not a huge Neil Young fan, but I do like that song).  The time of fall is the time to reap the benefits of all those goals and intentions that you have been working on since the seeds of ideas were planted in the spring.  Are you happy with the success and joy you have created in your life?  If not, do you know why things did not manifest as you intended? 

Perhaps you need to think more about what limiting beliefs are holding you back from achieving success in your life.  See my feature article for more information on limiting beliefs.  Join me at the workshop, Release Your Limiting Beliefs, on Sat. Oct. 20 at Westmount Public Library in London.  See the poster and the Upcoming Events section for details.  My co-facilitator, Mary-Anne MacPherson, and I will take you through the process of identifying which limiting belief is preventing you from being successful, help prepare you to release the limiting belief using the power of your mind and then Reiki will be used to assist the process and provide healing (no Reiki experience is necessary).  Come create your own success and sign up for this life-changing workshop by registering by PayPalbefore the limited number of seats is taken.  You also still have time to sign up for the workshop, The Importance of Being Grounded (see links for PayPal registration and more information).
Remember that Wanda offers holistic healing treatments in 3 locations, in London (Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursday mornings or Fridays), at Family Health Options in St. Thomas on Thursday afternoons or Heartfelt Healing Centrein Exeter (click on link for newsletter) on the fourth Tuesday afternoon of the month.  Call Wanda at  226-374-9045to schedule your appointment.  Workshops are held at various locations and dates to see the Upcoming Events section to see what works best with your schedule.  

Upcoming Events – Get Well and Stay Well

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Sign up for the newsletter on the website. www.wandadavis.ca
Guided Meditation Sessions
Come and relax during a group guided meditation session.  
Thursdays Oct. 4 and 11 at 7-8 pm 
Family Health Options
133 Curtis Street, St. Thomas
Join us for one night or both ($15 each).
Please call to pre-register,  226-374-9045 or  519-637-7778.
Reiki I Class
Wed. Oct. 10 or Fri. Oct. 19 or Mon. Oct. 29
9:30 am – 4 pm, London
Please call  226-374-9045 to pre-register.
Reiki I Class
Sat. Oct. 27 at 9:30 am – 4 pm
Family Health Options
133 Curtis Street, St. Thomas
Please call to pre-register,  226-374-9045 or  519-637-7778.

Reiki II Class
You were unable to come to the August class?
Please contact Wanda to determine a date that works for you.
Weekday or Weekend Availability
The Importance of Being Grounded Workshop
Sat. Oct. 13, 2 – 4 pm
Westmount Public Library, London
See more information and register by PayPal at www.wandadavis.ca
Limited spaces so register now to reserve your seat. 
Introduction to Journeying Class
Stay tuned for the next scheduled class.
Guided Meditation Sessions
Cherryhill Public Library 4 – 5 pm
Wed. Oct. 3
At no cost.
Shamanic Healing Seminar
Learn about this age-old healing method.
Central London Library
Oct.16 at 7 – 8:30 pm
At no cost. 
Releasing Limiting Beliefs 
In collaboration with Mary-Anne MacPherson
Sat. Oct. 20, 10 am – 12 pm
Westmount Public Library
Go to www.wandadavis.ca for more information and to register by PayPal to reserve your seat. 
The Importance of Being Grounded Workshop
Tues., Oct. 23, 7-9 pm
Family Health Options
133 Curtis Street, St. Thomas
See more info at www.wandadavis.ca.
The Benefits of Reiki @ Ignite Health
Wed. Oct. 24, 7-9 pm
Covent Garden Market, London
Ignite health will be a night of 5 minute presentations by passionate brave people who have an idea or something that will help you manage your health!
The Importance of Being Grounded Workshop
Sat. Nov. 10, 1 – 3 pm
Heartfelt Therapy Centre, Exeter
See www.heartfelthealingcentre.com to register online. 
Reiki I Class
Sat. Nov. 17 at 9:30 am – 4 pm
Heartfelt Therapy Centre, Exeter
See www.heartfelthealingcentre.com to register. 

Guided Meditation Session
Come and relax during a group guided meditation session.  
Thurs. Nov. 22 at 7-8 pm 
St. Thomas Public Library, St. Thomas
At no cost.
Please contact Wanda to register at  226-374-9045 
or email at wandadavis823@gmail.com. 
All classes held at 190 Wortley Rd. LL#2 unless otherwise indicated.
If you are interested in a Reiki or Journeying Class, but can’t make the above dates, private classes may be arranged.

Why you need to Release Your Limiting Beliefs
Limiting beliefs are unconscious thoughts that, whether we know it or not, hold us back from achieving success in our life.  This may be success in the areas of health, career, money, or relationships; in other words, everything.  These limiting beliefs may be thoughts that someone said to us and we integrated them into our being.  We may not necessarily feel these thoughts are currently pertinent, but they have held us back in achieving what success we desire out of our lives.  Examples may be “I am not good enough” or “I can’t afford that” or “I can’t do that”.  Family members, especially parents, friends, peers, school, society or a work supervisor, may have given these ideas to you.  Perhaps your father told you that you were not good enough to become the lawyer you wanted to be.  Or your mother kept telling you that money does not grow on trees and you really needed to stop spending money. Or your boss told you that the job was given to someone else since he did not think you could handle the pressure.  These thoughts are then ingrained into your being and you become those thoughts, whether you actually believe them or not.  These beliefs prevent you from being the successful person you could actually be. 
Consider the Law of Attraction.  Here is a quote from Esther Hicks, author with Abraham Hicks Publications.
“A belief is nothing more than a chronic pattern of thought, and you have the ability—if you try even a little bit—to begin a new pattern, to tell a new story, to achieve a different vibration, to change your point of attraction. The Law of Attraction is responding to your vibration, and you can easily change your vibrational point of attraction by visualizing the lifestyle you desire and holding your attention upon those images until you begin to feel relief, which will indicate that a true vibrational shift has occurred.”
— Abraham
Excerpted from the book “Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness” # 468
Jerry and Ester
The Law of Attraction entails desiring what you want and attracting it to yourself, thus creating for yourself what you desire.  If you think of what you don’t want you will continue to attract more of that to yourself.  Have a limiting belief will cause you to continually attract more of that thought.  If you ever think, “I can’t afford that”, you will continue to not have the amount of money you desire. 
In releasing limiting beliefs you are able to create the successful life you desire without these old thoughts holding you back.  You will be able to attract the career you have always wanted, the money you desire, the relationships you are looking for or the health you know is possible.  It really does not matter how you ended up with the limiting belief, although it is helpful to acknowledge where it came from so that you can move on. Sometimes the beliefs may have occurred by way of protecting oneself, but most likely they are not needed now and are preventing you from being who you could be.  I am sure everyone has at least one limiting belief (and some may have many).  Think about releasing that belief and all the possibilities that may open up for you as a result. 
The workshop that I am offering is unique in that I am using Reiki to help release the limiting belief and heal any wounds that may have occurred by thinking this belief.  The power of Reiki will heal what needs to be healed.  Using Reiki to release your limiting belief will open your life up to endless opportunities for the successes that you desire. 

Please contact Wanda at   226-374-9045 or by email (wandadavis823@gmail.com).

Location is at 190 Wortley Rd., LL#2. Follow the Inspired Health signs.

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