Are You Feeling Grounded?

Are you feeling stressed? Tired? Feeling overwhelmed? If so, you may not be Grounded.  You have heard the word being tossed around, but do you really know what it means? And I’m not talking about being sent to your room. In a sense it can be compared to the electrical grounding wire and having that connection to the ground.

Being Grounded means being connected and being present with the Universe, the Earth and all of our surroundings. It means not being in your head and thinking and worrying all the time. Being Grounded allows you to be aware of your body and its needs. You can reenergize or get rid of excess unneeded energy. You become more aware of your emotions and have more balance and control of them. Being Grounded means you are less stressed and better able to cope with those stressors that come along.

How do I get Grounded? You can make lifestyle changes that will help you stay more grounded such as eating certain foods, drinking more water, spending time in nature and with pets and getting exercise. Once you are aware that you are not grounded, the next step is to figure out a way to be in better balance. Self-care activities you can do include breathing exercises, visualizations and meditation, exercises such as Tai Chi and Qigong and self-treatments with energy therapies. Of course, getting a healing energy treatment from a qualified practitioner will help immensely.

So becoming aware of when you are not grounded and not in balance is the first step and the second step is to do something about it. Being Grounded is an important part of being healthy. Learn how to get grounded by talking to a health and wellness practitioner who can help. Better yet, come to my interactive workshop where I teach you self-care techniques to become grounded. Next workshop is in London on Tues. April 16 at Melekare and at Heartfelt Healing Centre in Exeter on Sat. April 27 at 12 pm.  Register by calling 226-374-9045. And Be Grounded!