What Colour Are You Feeling Today?

Elements May 2013

I read a friend’s favourite book list not so long ago and realized I was unfamiliar with one of the books, called My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss. So I got the book out of the library to check it out and really enjoyed it. It made me feel pink. Why pink? It is a book about feelings and moods, describing the feeling or mood as a colour. So pink to me would be an emotion of love.

Here are some examples from the book. One could feel orange like a circus seal that portrays images of fun and frolicking. Or feel yellow like a bee that makes me imagine buzzing around happily soaking up the sun. Of course, colours may mean something different to each individual and to feel these colours may not be these positive feelings for you. How about these examples? Gray was like an owl where nothing moves. What does the colour gray make you feel like? Or Black? In the book black was a mad feeling.

What sayings do you relate with colours? Examples could be “I’m feeling blue” meaning feeling sad or “I’m seeing red” meaning being mad or being “Green with Envy” meaning being very jealous. Or what animals make you think of certain emotions? A charging bull and the colour red always go together. Pink flamingos always make me smile.

This book is a reminder that each day may bring a different mood or emotion. And no matter what that emotion is, it is okay to feel it. Also, included is the notion that we can have mixed up days that are multicoloured, thus feeling a variety of emotions at the same time, and again, that is normal. The key to emotions is to be aware of them and to feel them.

One can’t ignore emotions and keep them bottled up inside since that will only cause harm down the road. Emotions are energy and if not worked through properly they can be internalized and may result in energy blockages and issues that manifest in the physical body. So what does one do? Make sure you work through your emotions to release them.  Also, getting an energy healing treatment may be a way to help release those energy blockages. Areas where one feels pain or discomfort or where injury has occurred may be areas with energy blockages. Not all energy blockages may be internalized emotions, but many may be. Reiki, Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch assist in releasing energy blockages. Book your holistic healing treatment to help.

Remember to ask yourself, what colour am I feeling today?  

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