What is Stress?

What is Stress?

Stress is something that everyone feels they have to deal with in everyday life. Stress is defined as an organism’s response to a stressor, whether that stressor is environmental such as being in a traffic jam or physical such as running a marathon. What we think as stress is really how each individual reacts to stressors and how that impacts a person’s health. Common reactions to stress may include feelings of anxiety or sleep issues or lethargy. If these reactions are constant and continually build in intensity, a person’s physical health may be affected, such as an increase in blood pressure or muscle aches and pains or disease.

A major influence of how someone reacts to stress is where and how often stress occurs and whether that person has some “down time” to reenergize and release any pent up tension. If the origin of stress occurs at work due to what feels like looming deadlines and constant assignments, hopefully that individual has time at home to relax. However, if that person is dealing with aging parents or emotional trauma such as divorce, he/she may not have the opportunity to destress at home and be continually in the stress cycle. Work/Life Balance is important for a person’s well being and health, this including both physical health and mental health.

Each person needs to have strategies to cope with the stressors in life as they arise to ensure a balanced life style. In addition to good nutrition, exercise and appropriate amount of sleep, I encourage people to take good care of their energy bodies for good health.

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