What is Your Energy Body?

Each person needs to have strategies to cope with the stressors in life as they arise to ensure a balanced life style. In addition to good nutrition, exercise and appropriate amount of sleep, I encourage people to take good care of their energy bodies for good health. So what is our energy body? Everything in the universe is made of energy and so are we, as humans. From the atoms and molecules that make up our body to the chemical reactions that occur to keep us alive, there is “energy” of many forms in our bodies. Eastern cultures have believed for thousands of years that there is a life energy flowing through our body that keeps us alive. It has been called many names: chi or ki or prana. 

“Health is the free and balanced flow of chi. If the flow is disrupted, it can decrease the functioning of organs and tissues of the physical body, causing illness. Overall, the body is able to heal itself, so any assistance helping the flow of energy allows the body to help itself. There is not only a physical link from the energy body to health, but also an emotional, mental and spiritual link. Negative thoughts and feelings can also disrupt the flow of chi and will eventually manifest as an illness in the physical body if not released.” (Quote from Getting Well Mind, Body & Spirit, coauthored by Wanda Davis)

In my chapter, titled “Healing Your Energy Body”, I explain the different energy pathways in the body that have been known for thousands of years and understood in treatments used in traditional Chinese medicine or acupuncture. Healing the Energy Body is holistic in nature since the whole person is considered in treatment and not just a specific symptom.

So we all have this energy system where our life energy flows through our body, which also produces an energy field around us, all of which is part of our Energy Body. At times of stress, illness, pain or fatigue our “energy may be low” and we may need a “boost of energy”. Energy blockages may occur in areas of pain or injury and different holistic treatments can help remove the energy blockages to restore balance and harmony in the body. It is beneficial to have balanced energy flow to promote whatever type of healing is needed.

There are many ways to heal the energy body. Deep breathing is a great way to start healing your energy body. Whenever one is feeling stressed, the first thing one can do is to take a deep breath and be aware of one’s own body reactions to the stressor. Another method is energy therapies. “Energy-based therapies realign the energy field for optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, so having a means to affect the energy body can benefit our lives on many levels.” (Quote from Getting Well Mind, Body & Spirit)

Examples of energy therapies include Reiki, Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch™.

All of these types of treatments will reduce stress, reduce pain and promote relaxation and promote healing of the body, mind and spirit.  All use light or “near body” touch and the client remains fully clothed, lying on a massage table or sitting on a chair. With any type of treatment the relaxation response in the body is activated and when the muscles relax, more healing can occur. All these techniques have a positive effect on the energy field of the client. There is evidence-based research for each of these methods and anyone can learn to treat him or herself.

“The energy body is thus a vital part of the human body and its health affects the health of the individual.” (Quote from Getting Well Mind, Body & Spirit) Ways to improve your health include reducing stress in your life, meditating, eating properly, exercising and, of course, getting an energy healing treatment. Remember that each of us has universal life force energy flowing through our bodies and that we can help balance that energy for better health, improving our lives at both work and home.

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