What are Your Gifts?

Sedona is a magical place. First, being amongst the gorgeous scenery of the red rocks was awesome. Second, feeling the energies of the area was an experience not to be missed. Before the trip we had arranged several guided tours. We heard often from these tour guides, and truly believed, that you did not have to be right at a vortex to experience the energies of Sedona; it really is the whole area.

What is a Vortex? The area of Sedona has four main energy vortexes of subtle energy. These vortexes are swirling centers of subtle energy coming out from the surface of the earth. It is said that the subtle energy interacts with who a person is inside and resonates with and strengthens the Inner Being of each person. The earth subtle energy is similar to the subtle energy that operates in our chakras. Just being near these vortexes provides an uplifting experience and has positive effects.

It was amazing to see the Juniper tree responses to the vortex energy and the twist of the trunks and branches. The lines of growth follow a slow helical spiral along the length of the branch. Hiking amongst the rocks in the areas of the vortexes is an exhilarating experience. I found myself fascinated by the dry waterfalls, areas through which water would be rushing during a rain storm. There is also fantastic shopping for jewelry, crystals and spiritual objects.

One stop that I really appreciated was the Amitabha Stupa, a physical embodiment of the Buddha’s enlightened mind with prayers for peace. This is well worth the visit. And just behind the Stupa is a medicine wheel at which we participated in ritual and ceremony. I also did my first sweat lodge in Sedona, which was also a wonderful experience. However, I must admit that with all the insights I was processing during my trip it is difficult to remember it all.

One tour guide, Joseph White Wolf, explained that the beauty that we see in the rocks of Sedona reflects our own inner beauty. He also was the one who said people come to Sedona to discover their own gifts. This trip truly clarified my purpose and gifts. Maybe a trip to Sedona will be in your future. I know I will be going back again soon.

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