Spring Reawakening and Spring Cleaning

Spring Reawakening

As winter turns to spring things start to stir, move and wake up from the long winter’s sleep. As Nature’s
cycles continue to turn from one season to another, a person’s life can also follow these patterns.
Winter is a time for stillness and dormancy and going inwards for self-reflection. In the northern
hemisphere we go into the darkness in the winter. While in the darkness we nourish ourselves, recharge
and plan what we want to accomplish.

As we approach the spring and the days are getting longer and warmer we emerge from our winter
hibernation. In the spring we stretch and get ready to move into action on the thoughts planned during
the winter season. It’s a new beginning. Just as a seed begins to grow and reach for the sun, new
interests can activate and begin to root in your life. Or perhaps it’s an old hobby that has laid dormant
over the winter and now re-emerges and takes on a new existence. Spring is the time for new learning
as education is cultivated. Hope abounds as new opportunities are explored. Spring is the time for

So what action are you going to take this spring? Are you going to learn some new skills and habits? Or is
it a change in mindset for personal growth? Usually change means getting out of your comfort zone. Just
take a deep breath and go for it with your renewed confidence. In this time you can clarify what you
want. And you begin to believe in yourself. Continue to reflect on your actions and redirect when
needed. Acknowledge your new accomplishments and own them. You are a potent creator so
understand that you can be at the helm of your transformation, although sometimes you just need to go
with the flow and ride the waves in the direction the energy takes you.

And once you get moving, let’s do some Spring Cleaning!
Spring Clean Your Life

Everything good in life is attracted to things that feel positive.
Is your home in order? Your body? Your mind? Your relationships?
As you move into your next level, you must do some pruning, purifying, preparation and positioning!
It’s time to do a deep clean for 2018.
If you want your life to radically change, you must radically change who you are, who/what you are connected to and what you are doing.
It’s impossible to BE the same and HAVE different.

Friendships may need to come to an end. Closets may need some cleaning out. And your body may need to go on a juice cleanse (or ketone cleanse). Trust me, the more you release the things from your life that no longer serve you, the quicker you will manifest your next level.
Now is the time to give your life a good scrubbing.

You must ruthlessly remove all poverty in your life to attract prosperity.
When I say poverty – I mean low-level frequency, toxic and negative – people, places, activities and things!
Your assignment for the next few days:
Step 1 – Write down any “poverty” in your life and make a choice to let it go.
Step 2 – Write down what action steps you will take to remove it.
Step 3 – Write down the replacement.

Here’s an example:
Low frequency (poverty): Messy Closet
Action : De-clutter Closet
High frequency (prosperity): only bring into my closet that which I need or love.
Positive energy likes to flow, so remove all of the roadblocks between all of the good things in life and you!

If you are in business for yourself, I highly suggest you not only organize your home, but also your business. It will save you so much time and improve your efficiency and effectiveness 100-fold.

Will you commit to cleaning out the old, to make room for the new?

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