How Well Do You Handle Fear?

Quiz: How Well Do You Handle Fear?
At its best, fear is an instinctive, natural ability to help us survive. At its worst, it’s that nagging voice inside our heads that heralds doom and disaster even before we get started on something. Fear keeps us from taking risks that might enrich our life or holds us back from doing some things we need to do. Do we experience new and exciting vistas? Get involved with that person or group? Accomplish something really great? Fear says, “Not on your life.” To discover the role fear plays in your life, complete the following Thriving quiz.

True or False
1. My self-talk is filled with can’ts, shouldn’ts and ought-tos. 
2. I never talk about my fears. If I do, people will think I’m stupid or weak.
3. I often find myself thinking about bad things that might happen in the future.
4. I feel trapped in or avoid social situations where it might be difficult to escape if I wanted to, such as in a crowd or on the highway.
5. I tend to need approval from family or peers before going after dreams and goals.
6. Making mistakes publicly is horrendous; I just want to crawl away and hide.
7. I’d rather not get involved in a relationship because I’d have to surrender personal power and lose myself.
8. To avoid being rejected, I try to please people and take my own needs and desires out of the equation.
9. I often compromise in situations to avoid conflict.
10. A sure-fire way to end up disappointed is to want something too much.
11. When things seem to be going really well for me, I get uneasy that I’ll do something to ruin it.
12. I find it difficult to express undesirable emotions such as anger.
13. When confronted by others, I feel “spacey” or disconnected from my body.
14. I’m so nervous about approaching my boss for a raise, I’ve never asked for one.
14. I’d rather just stick to what I know, even if it’s not great, than risk change.
 Maybe some of these points have triggered the identification of some fears. Acknowledge the fear by sitting with it and then let it go. If needed, book an energy session or a coaching session to dig deeper to see what can change about the fears. Or book a Radionics session to get that much needed boost. Contact Wanda at or 2263749045 for details. 

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