Stop and Pause

The World has been put on Pause. We are all in this together. I started off April’s newsletter with the same words and it still applies for May as the restrictions are still in place here in Ontario due to the covid-19 virus. In April I asked, What is Your Role? Did you take time to sit with that question?

This month I am asking you to pause. I am building on the theme of pausing and going within. Perhaps we have kept so busy keeping busy, working from home, doing puzzles, cleaning and cooking that we may not have actually just stopped and paused. If you were to take 5-10 min to pause in the silence, what would happen? Can you stop doing? Stop thinking? Just sit there and breathe. Or maybe your way of pausing is slowly dancing to your own breath. There is no shame or blame in this. It is a practice that I think is worth practicing. There is no right or wrong. You can just try your best as often as you can. It really is that simple. 

Now you may be wondering, why? Why is it a good practice to pause? There are many reasons and it is a good meditative practice to follow. Pausing is the time for reflection. Pausing is the time for allowance. Every pause is the time for greater possibilities. This is when the breakthrough happens. The big changes. Magic can happen in the pause. This is where evolution occurs. Imagine the amount of positive change that can be occurring in this time of world pause. 

Richard Rudd of the Gene Keys ( talks about the benefits of contemplation. Same thing as pausing, however, he suggests contemplating on a gene key or concept. ‘There is no problem in your life that cannot be resolved through the Art of Contemplation’. “This book shows you how to bring the magic of contemplation into every corner of your life, resulting in a deep sense of spaciousness, calm and clarity that is so rare in our modern world”. Richard says contemplation can lead to higher states of absorption and embodiment. Also, Richard says we approach the time of the Great Change. This is a phase of evolution in which all systems in our universe will make a quantum leap into a higher dimension. Many spiritual traditions understand that this has already begun. 

Pivot is a word you may have heard lately. People use the word pivot to mean how things can abruptly change to a different direction and continue on. Richard uses pivot to mean quantum leaps in understanding and evolution. Pausing may result in pivoting, or it will if you sit with it long enough. 

We are currently in the transit of Gene Key 24 which describes the shadow of addiction. What might you be addicted to? Think about why you might be addicted to it. And how you can reset. The gift of this Gene Key is invention. As you pause, what creative process might you begin. Day dreaming is a perfectly fine activity. Speaking of creativity, check out my article below. Now the Siddhi of Gene Key 24 is Silence. This is the ultimate place we can reach when our minds are silent from thinking. “The key is to relax, because as only you relax can you find the magical gaps and experience the truth directly”. 

With radionics I send to a body the information to increase the possibility of something happening. I like to develop programs using the Gene Keys to help make some changes. For example using the Gene Key 24 I could write a program to include the letting go of addictions and increasing invention and creativity. You really can use radionics for anything.

So try to pause in your day as many times as you are able. It does not have to be long, even a minutes helps. Take some deep breaths and be aware of your body, and pause.

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