Waking Up


Now the world is slowly waking up. As things start to reopen people are waking up to issues such as conditions in the homes for the aged, racism, wage parity, etc. Yes, we’ve heard about these issues before, but nothing was done about them. Perhaps now is the time for change. As the world reawakens how can things be done differently?

How about yourself? How have you woken up after this time of self-reflection? What has reawakened in you? What do you see differently now? What do you want to change? In what new ways might you now seek self-actualization? Check out my Feature Article for further discussion on this topic. 

As I write this on June 1, we are in the transit time of Gene Key 35 where the shadow frequency is about the hunger for what we are addicted to, that feeling of looking to satiate the hunger that feels like it can never be fulfilled. No external method will solve this until the person is willing to balance their own internal chemistry by looking at the hungers and rather than looking externally to solve the issue, uses the energy internally to leap into a new level of awareness of the heart with love to experience the gift of adventure. Pure unconditional love creates the siddhi of Boundlessness where the heart knows no bounds. This level of love consciousness allows the possibilities of miracles. Check out more about Richard Rudd’s Gene Keys at https://genekeys.com/ref/493/

So in the spirit of love and boundlessness, what can be changed this week in our world?

Waking Up
What does waking up mean? Awakening in the spiritual sense is increasing awareness and being more conscious. Perhaps a person in the process of awakening becomes more aware of the illusions and conditioning that are found in everyday reality and understands that we are not to control everything from our minds, but allow love through our hearts. As one lives an open-hearted life and looks at the fears, one can open one’s self up to the higher frequencies of life energy to flow through (love energy). It is as simple as allowing love and feeling connected with all things. 

Looking at the fears means working through them, as the gift is always on the other side. Sometimes this work can be a bit of an initiation. Some people look to coaching to help them through this and this is an area that I focus on having had the experience of working through it myself (and continue to do so). I can use any number of my tools to support the process. Are you feeling something has shifted within you? 

I will now continue with the theme of Creativity. Last month I looked at how Creativity can help relieve stress, but it can also add so much more to your life, not to mention helping awakening as you learn to love life. 

Rekindle Your Creativity
Harnessing your ingenuity will make your life more meaningful and enjoyable. Discover here why creativity is so important and welcome more innovation and inspiration into your daily activities.
How Creativity Enriches Your Life

  1. Experience more joy. Creativity flourishes when you think positively. Find your passions and cultivate them. Embrace challenges with curiosity. Observe the conditions that help you get “in the zone.”
  2. Improve your physical health. Studies show that creativity exercises are an effective way to relieve stress and boost our immune system. Those who think resourcefully also cope better with aging and experience fewer declines in their cognitive functions.
  3. Strengthen your relationships. A sense of imagination can even enhance your personal relationships. Break out of the same old conflicts by searching for common ground. Look at challenging situations from the other person’s perspective and try out a different response.
  4. Perform better at work. Collaboration is integral to the creative process. Help create a more cooperative atmosphere where colleagues complement each other’s strengths rather than competing.
  5. Be all you can be. We all have some form of creative genius. Enjoy the pleasure of developing your own gifts. With persistence and an open mind, you’ll expand your skills for responding to all kinds of challenges.

Now you may ask, how do I get more creative? Remember that being quiet can actually bring about more creativity as ideas percolate. Thus now may be time for some great creativity. 

Techniques for Sparking Your Creativity

  1. Brainstorm. Generating ideas is usually the first step in the creative process. Put aside any judgments and just let the options flow. Now’s your chance to get zany and experimental.
  2. Incubate. Before inspiration hits, there’s usually a quiet time while we digest our ideas.
  • Help your unconscious mind along by taking a quiet walk or a relaxing shower. Routine tasks like washing dishes can also trigger insights. Think about a dilemma right before bed, and you may wake up with a solution.
  1. Take action. Make a plan for how to implement your ideas. Regard every attempt as a learning experience even if the immediate results fail to pan out. Remember that successful people succeed because they take more risks.
  2. Lighten up. Free up your fertile mind.
  • Some gentle aerobics and stretches will relax your body.
  • Meditation or soft music can dispel anxieties or boredom.
  • Humor is a very powerful tool for lowering inhibitions and seeing things more vividly.
  1. Change your routine. Any adjustment to your usual way of doing things can help you take a fresh look at life. Take an alternate route to work or visit a coffee shop on the other side of town. Expand your horizons by looking for ways to experience novelty on a regular basis.
  2. Observe the details. On the other hand, you can re-invent the most familiar aspects of your life by viewing them from a fresh angle. Think about how your kitchen would appear to an alien from space.
  3. Ignore the clock. Get up early so you can savor the luxury of open-ended time. Forget about deadlines. Focus on the present moment instead of thinking about the next task you have scheduled. Feel what it’s like to be free from hurrying. Try to remember that sensation as you start your day.
  4. Get a hobby. Make the most of your leisure time with creative outlets that incorporate your passions. You may delight in watercolors. Or maybe you really get a kick out of working on cars.
  5. Seek inspiration. Surround yourself with whatever you find invigorating. Visit art museums or go camping. Spend more time playing with your kids and getting caught up in their excitement each time they see something new.

Transform your life into a work of art by tapping into your creative side. Once you discover and develop your passions, you’ll be on your way to feeling more accomplished and fulfilled.

Be more aware of how you feel trying out different things. Start your own tapestry of art. How can you live with boundless love?

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