What Needs Do You Need Fulfilled?

Take this Quiz to see how you are doing regarding self-care and self-actualization!

Quiz: How Well Do You Fulfill Your Needs?

A number of years ago humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow realized that the foundation for physical and psychological wellness had to do with getting certain needs met. He developed the “Hierarchy of Needs,” from which the following quiz is adapted. Answer the questions to determine how well your basic and growth needs are being met.
I get adequate sleep and rest.
My basic nutritional needs are met.
I have a place to live that provides warmth and shelter and I am physically comfortable.
Exercise and recreation needs are met through regular routines and planned activities.
My need for sexual expression is fulfilled.
Safety and Security
With very few exceptions, I feel secure and safe from harm.
There is adequate stability and routine in my life.
I experience financial security and prosperity that isn’t based on money.
I feel emotionally safe.
I can expect consistency and fairness in my daily life.
My need for meaningful work is filled.
Love and Belonging
I feel loved—important, wanted, valued, and desirable.
I am able to love myself as well as others.
I have close intimate or affectionate relationships with significant others.
I have a sense of belonging in my family.
I am able to understand others and feel understood by them.
I have a few very close friends and a larger circle of other friends and associates.
I am involved in communities such as clubs or teams, church or spiritual groups, professional, cultural or social organizations.
Though I am sometimes alone, I don’t often experience loneliness.
Esteem of Self and Esteem of Others
Most of the time I feel competent and up to the rigors of day-to-day life.
I live with integrity and respect for myself.
I trust my opinions, my thoughts and ideas, and my intuition.
I have confidence in myself and my abilities.
My self-care includes physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of my life.
I feel useful and that I make valuable contributions to others.
I experience feelings of independence and freedom.
I feel respected and appreciated by others.
I receive adequate recognition and attention.
I have a sense of living with purpose.
I am able to take risks and meet new challenges.
My need to be true to my own nature is being fulfilled.
I experience a feeling of peace and well-being most of the time.
My deepest desires are being realized.
Having our needs met doesn’t mean we begin at birth with the need for adequate food and shelter and move forward as we age until we fulfill our needs for self-actualization. Life is not lived in a straight line. Nor does being self-actualized mean everything is perfect. Rather this quiz offers checkpoints along the way of gratification and personal growth.
If you have any questions about this quiz, or want more information, please don’t hesitate to ask. Everyone deserves to have their needs met.


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