Living Your Gifts

For years I have said that I help support people to get unstuck and into the flow and increase relaxation. The tools that I use to do that include Teaching Reiki for self-empowerment, Energy Sessions, Coaching, Radionics and now The Gene Keys. Speaking of the Gene Keys, here’s a video from Richard Rudd titled Transforming Mediocrity. He explains that Mediocrity is when you realize that you are capable of so much more. When one goes within to find their gifts that they can share with others, they begin to shine, radiate and have Exquisiteness. This is the frequency of Gene Key 8, but anyone can relate to this. 

Personal Growth Alchemist
I call myself the Pebest version of yourselfrsonal Growth Alchemist since I support people in their transformation as a result of personal growth. Personal Growth is about enhancing the quality of life and the realization of dreams and aspirations. I help people Discover Their Gifts so that they can reach their full potential. And once clients understand their Gifts, I support them in Living Their Gifts and sharing them with the world. Check out this free ebook, Become the Best Version of Yourself, that describes how to transform your life and claim your personal power. 

For this newsletter I wanted to outline what I would coach about in your Gene Keys Profile Session. The Gene Keys is based on Astrology, the IChing and Human Design. As mentioned before you can get your free profile at: Your profile is based on the date that your were born, where, and time of birth. In your Activation Sequence are 4 spheres that relate to your overall purpose in life and your Genius. In each sphere is a gene key that is representative of your energy based on a continuum of frequencies from Shadow to Gift to the highest frequency of Siddhi. 

better version of yourselfRemember that I have years of monthly newsletters that you can look back to on my website: One in particular that I want to remind you of is, Finding the Gifts of the Shadow, from Feb. 2018. The Shadow is that internal frequency pattern, often fear-based, that keeps you stuck due to limited beliefs. It relates to our suffering. Once we learn to acknowledge, allow and embrace this Shadow we are able to access our Gifts. We already have the Gifts, they might just be hidden in the Shadow. This is the inner work that everyone must do. Embrace the Shadow so that you can Live Your Gift. 

Gene Keys Profile Session
In our Gene Keys Profile Session I introduce the Shadow, Gift and Siddhi in each sphere of your Activation Sequence. Yes, you see this information on your free profile, but having a coaching session on this helps you understand those 12 words in much more depth. And you may be surprised about different perspectives and insights that I am able to provide that make your Gifts more real. We don’t want to spend all our time in our Shadows, but sometimes it is necessary work to look at these Shadows so that you can Live Your Gifts. 

In teaching Reiki and giving Energy Sessions I support people in healing, being more present and relaxed. Pausing and being present is a big part of what is needed to go within to look at any Shadows and discover your Gifts. See how it all fits? Radionics (information therapy) can help heal a person on a physical level, but it can also help at the emotional level and with mental beliefs. I also use Radionics to help embody the Gifts. 

Please contact me at or 2263749045 if you wish to book your Gene Keys Profile Session at the $75 introductory fee. If you book in the next month that will be your investment. 

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