What is Grace?

Last month we looked at interrupting negative patterns. I have spent a lot of time lately being diligent about my thought patterns. What changes have you seen? As I focus on positive, rejuvenating thoughts my stress levels decrease and I am amazed at the opportunities that arise. As I become more aware of my thoughts, I am more able to allow Grace into my life. 

How do you define Grace? One way of looking at it is having simple elegance or refinement of movement. But in a spiritual sense it is unmerited divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration or a virtue coming from God (or Source or the Universe). It’s about the ability, willingness and awareness to receive divine love. So how to we connect with and receive Grace? That is the big question. Knowing that we are one with the universe, we need to connect and allow. But this is not necessarily easy to do. We can spend our whole lifetime with this objective. Yes, meditation helps since it can quiet the mind. We need to be in the present moment, nurture ourselves, relax and play. Sometimes too much focus on an outcome will block us on the receiving end. Appreciate the beauty of life and give gratitude. 

Many of us need the reminders to allow ourselves to Be this. I’ve also been following an idea that I had that uses the main 7 chakras. 

Root – Feel the connection to the Earth and receive divine energy through your feet. 

Sacral – Be aware of your sacral area (below the navel) and breath love into that area. Bring love energy into your relationships. 

Solar Plexus – Be aware of your solar plexus (above the navel) and love yourself. 

Heart – Breath into your heart area and really feel love for yourself and your body.

Throat – Be aware of speaking with loving kindness.

Brow – Be in the present moment and be aware of keeping your thoughts in high frequency.

Crown – Be open to connecting with the Divine and receiving Grace. 

Being open and having allowance to Grace will be healing and rejuvenating. How can you allow more Grace into your life? We don’t know when it may happen so practicing habits of being open to receive will increase that possibility. And we can’t strive for it. We need to be relaxed in the playful flow and in the moment. Doing or receiving energy work helps get us to that mode. As does releasing blocks and conditioning and using our Gifts by working with our Gene Keys. What personal and spiritual growth will help you?

The other evening I saw a butterfly playing in the last of the sun’s evening rays so I went to join it. It even landed on me. And then I stayed outside for the dance of the fireflies. Such beauty. 

How can you welcome Grace? 

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