What is Grace?

Last month we looked at interrupting negative patterns. I have spent a lot of time lately being diligent about my thought patterns. What changes have you seen? As I focus on positive, rejuvenating thoughts my stress levels decrease and I am amazed at the opportunities that arise. As I become more aware of my thoughts, I am more able to allow Grace into my life. 

How do you define Grace? One way of looking at it is having simple elegance or refinement of movement. But in a spiritual sense it is unmerited divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration or a virtue coming from God (or Source or the Universe). It’s about the ability, willingness and awareness to receive divine love. So how to we connect with and receive Grace? That is the big question. Knowing that we are one with the universe, we need to connect and allow. But this is not necessarily easy to do. We can spend our whole lifetime with this objective. Yes, meditation helps since it can quiet the mind. We need to be in the present moment, nurture ourselves, relax and play. Sometimes too much focus on an outcome will block us on the receiving end. Appreciate the beauty of life and give gratitude. 

Many of us need the reminders to allow ourselves to Be this. I’ve also been following an idea that I had that uses the main 7 chakras. 

Root – Feel the connection to the Earth and receive divine energy through your feet. 

Sacral – Be aware of your sacral area (below the navel) and breath love into that area. Bring love energy into your relationships. 

Solar Plexus – Be aware of your solar plexus (above the navel) and love yourself. 

Heart – Breath into your heart area and really feel love for yourself and your body.

Throat – Be aware of speaking with loving kindness.

Brow – Be in the present moment and be aware of keeping your thoughts in high frequency.

Crown – Be open to connecting with the Divine and receiving Grace. 

Being open and having allowance to Grace will be healing and rejuvenating. How can you allow more Grace into your life? We don’t know when it may happen so practicing habits of being open to receive will increase that possibility. And we can’t strive for it. We need to be relaxed in the playful flow and in the moment. Doing or receiving energy work helps get us to that mode. As does releasing blocks and conditioning and using our Gifts by working with our Gene Keys. What personal and spiritual growth will help you?

The other evening I saw a butterfly playing in the last of the sun’s evening rays so I went to join it. It even landed on me. And then I stayed outside for the dance of the fireflies. Such beauty. 

How can you welcome Grace? 

Interrupting Negative Patterns

How to Interrupt Negative Patterns
When unfavorable situations, actions and emotional conflicts happen again and again in your life—same scene, different characters—there’s a good chance you are in the presence of a negative “pattern.” These patterns could be new or they could be really old. 
Some examples: picking the wrong lovers/partners, constant conflict with co-workers, chronic debting, people-pleasing.

One pattern that I’ve been working on in these past few months is that for most of my life I’ve tended to operate more out of my mind than through my body. It is your body that is part of your intuition. However, I’ve spent way too many years working from the left side of my brain so that is the route that automatically happens unless I intentionally work on being more present in the body. Changing these patterns has not been easy, but has taken awareness and intention. 
At best, these negative patterns cause frustration. At worst, they cause undue suffering, uphill struggle, sometimes even death.
The good news is: you have the power to change these negative patterns. Below are some ways to begin to disrupt them so that you can start laying down new, more positive patterns.
Become aware.
No matter how entrenched a pattern seems, the act of noticing begins the shift away from damaging thoughts or behaviors. Put simply, you can’t change what you’re not aware of.
One way to become aware is to just sit with your thoughts and watch for the patterns. The goal here is to notice, that’s all.
In this step, focus your awareness on just the facts and feelings of the patterns. Don’t let your mind wander into the analysis of “why” you have them right now, for it will likely try to justify and defend the pattern. You can analyze later (see below); for now, just notice.
Also, ask people you trust to help you see the patterns. Our blind spots are called “blind” for a reason; we just don’t see them. But they’ll be clear as day to others.
Discover the hidden payoff.
Becoming aware of your negative patterns, you see evidence they are disserving, perhaps even damaging, you. For example, your pattern of conflict with co-workers has gotten you fired several times, and now your resume reflects that pattern, too.
The key to interrupting negative patterns is to understand this: we generally don’t keep repeating behaviors unless, on some level, we get something good out of them.
These hidden reasons are known as “payoffs,” and they either help you get more of something you want or avoid something you don’t want.
In the example above, the person in constant conflict with co-workers could be using the conflict to cover up deep insecurity with his/her work quality. The conflict, in effect, distracts from scrutiny.
Or the conflict could stem from uncensored outspokenness. The person may have an oppressive situation at home, and being excessively frank at work may allow him/her to feel powerful and self-expressed in at least one arena of life.
Look for (and create) positive patterns.
One of the best ways to disrupt the negative patterns that may be wreaking havoc with your life is to also study the positive patterns in your life. For these can be “grafted” onto your negative patterns with great success.
For example, you can utilize the discipline you’ve always had around working out regularly to stop using credit to finance your lifestyle.
Consider your negative patterns as the pipes to your backyard pond that are old and clogged with mineral build-up. Laying new pipes (positive patterns) could be the easiest, quickest and most effective solution.

Whatever patterns get updated you will feel more present and accepting of yourself. 

Living Your Gifts

For years I have said that I help support people to get unstuck and into the flow and increase relaxation. The tools that I use to do that include Teaching Reiki for self-empowerment, Energy Sessions, Coaching, Radionics and now The Gene Keys. Speaking of the Gene Keys, here’s a video from Richard Rudd titled Transforming Mediocrity. He explains that Mediocrity is when you realize that you are capable of so much more. When one goes within to find their gifts that they can share with others, they begin to shine, radiate and have Exquisiteness. This is the frequency of Gene Key 8, but anyone can relate to this. 

Personal Growth Alchemist
I call myself the Pebest version of yourselfrsonal Growth Alchemist since I support people in their transformation as a result of personal growth. Personal Growth is about enhancing the quality of life and the realization of dreams and aspirations. I help people Discover Their Gifts so that they can reach their full potential. And once clients understand their Gifts, I support them in Living Their Gifts and sharing them with the world. Check out this free ebook, Become the Best Version of Yourself, that describes how to transform your life and claim your personal power. 

For this newsletter I wanted to outline what I would coach about in your Gene Keys Profile Session. The Gene Keys is based on Astrology, the IChing and Human Design. As mentioned before you can get your free profile at: https://genekeys.com/ref/493/. Your profile is based on the date that your were born, where, and time of birth. In your Activation Sequence are 4 spheres that relate to your overall purpose in life and your Genius. In each sphere is a gene key that is representative of your energy based on a continuum of frequencies from Shadow to Gift to the highest frequency of Siddhi. 

better version of yourselfRemember that I have years of monthly newsletters that you can look back to on my website: https://wandadavis.ca/newsletter/previous-newsletters/. One in particular that I want to remind you of is, Finding the Gifts of the Shadow, from Feb. 2018. The Shadow is that internal frequency pattern, often fear-based, that keeps you stuck due to limited beliefs. It relates to our suffering. Once we learn to acknowledge, allow and embrace this Shadow we are able to access our Gifts. We already have the Gifts, they might just be hidden in the Shadow. This is the inner work that everyone must do. Embrace the Shadow so that you can Live Your Gift. 

Gene Keys Profile Session
In our Gene Keys Profile Session I introduce the Shadow, Gift and Siddhi in each sphere of your Activation Sequence. Yes, you see this information on your free profile, but having a coaching session on this helps you understand those 12 words in much more depth. And you may be surprised about different perspectives and insights that I am able to provide that make your Gifts more real. We don’t want to spend all our time in our Shadows, but sometimes it is necessary work to look at these Shadows so that you can Live Your Gifts. 

In teaching Reiki and giving Energy Sessions I support people in healing, being more present and relaxed. Pausing and being present is a big part of what is needed to go within to look at any Shadows and discover your Gifts. See how it all fits? Radionics (information therapy) can help heal a person on a physical level, but it can also help at the emotional level and with mental beliefs. I also use Radionics to help embody the Gifts. 

Please contact me at wanda@wandadavis.ca or 2263749045 if you wish to book your Gene Keys Profile Session at the $75 introductory fee. If you book in the next month that will be your investment. 

Gene Key Profile Sessions

Guide’s Program

I have now completed the Gene Keys Guide Program! It better equips me with the knowledge to give Profile and coaching sessions to assist others with discovering the deeper meaning of their Gene Keys Profile (which you can get free at https://genekeys.com/ref/493/). The Gene Keys fits in so well with my coaching practice. I look forward to offering group coaching sessions at later dates on the different sequences. I can’t wait to share more of this transformative framework that has really deepened my sense of self. 

Gene Keys Profile Session

I am currently offering Profile sessions at the introductory investment of $75 for 60-90 min (regular coaching is $125). In this session we look at the spheres in your Activation Sequence which include information regarding your inner purpose and well-being. We discuss your shadows, gifts and siddhis in addition to other insights that I can contribute. Feel free to contact me at wanda@wandadavis.ca or 2263749045 to book a session or if you have some questions about it we can book a free 15 min consult. Here are some testimonials:

Wanda conducted a deep analysis of my gifts, talents, challenges through her insightful and analytical approach to the coveted Gene Keys personal growth program. With just one session I now have greater confidence in my natural talents, a clearer vision of my life’s path and purpose, and a deeper understanding of my inner challenges and blockages holding me back from realizing my potential. Thank you Wanda for empowering me with your insights and impactful coaching! 

If you want to learn more about yourself, your purpose, challenges and gifts then you need to book a Gene Keys session with Wanda.  She will guide you through your unique profile and reveal meaning that you won’t find anywhere else.  Wanda has an ability to guide you towards insights about yourself through thoughtful prompts in such a relaxed manner. I left my session feeling transformed with new awareness and ideas for next steps and further growth. I highly recommend spending time with her.

The Art of Contemplation course from Richard Rudd can always be revisited as one goes deeper with their contemplation practice. This online course includes the audio version of the hard to get book, The Art of Contemplation. Contemplation is not meditation, but it can also help you gain insights and inner peace. Now is your chance to read this book with additional course materials. Check out: https://genekeys.com/the-art-of-contemplation/ref/493/

We are currently in the transit of Gene Key 24, Shadow of Addiction, Gift of Invention and Siddhi of Silence. Silence is the ultimate addiction. Feel free to ask me more questions about The Gene Keys and how you can use them to have growth in your life. Get your free profile at: https://genekeys.com/ref/493/ #genekeys 

Nurture Your Resiliency

Nurturing Your Resilience

There’s no doubt about it – from time to time, life will knock you down. And as you’ve probably heard a hundred times, the ability to get back up determines your ability to succeed. But what happens when the fight has gone out of you, and you can’t quite find the strength to bounce back? That’s when your nurturer comes into play. Though our culture likes to think of resilience as standing strong no matter what, the truth is that resilience can be an uncomfortable process of gathering together the tattered remnants of yesterday’s misfortune to rise again today with great tenderness, care and determination.

Here are 3 simple ways to cultivate your own ability to bounce back, no matter what.

  1. Connect With Other People

We need each other. When you make time to build and maintain your network by sending texts to your loved ones, calls to your friends, and fostering relationships with colleagues, you build a support network that will be there to help you through the hardest times. As you support them and they support you, the bond between you grows, and you’re rewarded with the ability to face challenges with an army of allies at your back. Alone, we fall. But together, we get back up and become unstoppable. Connecting by video or phone call helps. 


  1. Maintain a Simple, Daily Routine

Routines help you maintain momentum and stay the course despite disruptions. Routines don’t have to be difficult or boring. In fact, the best routines are fun, simple and self-nurturing. For some people it’s doing a few simple stretches every morning. For others it’s journaling over coffee. Whatever your routine entails, make sure that it’s something that you can do (almost) every day, before the day gets under way. That way, no matter what hurdles you may face, you can reset again each day to keep your resilience strong.


  1. Take Stock Your Strengths

Remember who you are – you are a mighty force of nature. Pull out your notebook and chronicle all the times you’ve risen from defeat, found the right words, helped someone else, or finished what you started. You don’t have to wait until you’re knocked down or facing a difficulty to do this. Inventory your strengths regularly, and remember all the tools and resources you need are right inside of you. They are unlimited – they just may need you to shine a little light on them.

When life knocks us down, we don’t always spring right back to our feet…and that’s okay. Utilize these tips to get you back on course and headed in the right direction.

The World Needs You

The World Needs You

It is easy to get discouraged by all the problems and needs in the world. The sheer volume can feel daunting. Often, it seems downright impossible. There is just too much to be done! And one person can’t do it all.

But everyone can do some good.  And EVERY little bit of good makes a difference.

Instead of focusing on “all” the good the world needs, try thinking about what you CAN do. For example, you can pitch in and help your neighbor with a yard project. Or you can do your part by helping an elderly person in need. Or you can “go the extra mile” by offering your time and talents to a project or organization you care about. 

Any act, large or small, makes a difference. And our acts of service create a ripple effect we often don’t see. The only way to do all the good that the world needs isn’t for you to do EVERYTHING… but for you to do SOMETHING. 

What can you do to make a difference today?  Imagine if EVERYONE did a little… we could indeed change the world, one act at a time. 

The Attitude of Gratitude

Develop your Gratitude Mindset by checking out this guide: https://wandadavis.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Attitude-Of-Gratitude-Training-Guide.pdf

Change Your Life For The Better With Gratitude
Most people are unaware of the amazing power that gratitude has and how it can transform their lives for the better. When you practice gratitude each day you will change your life very quickly and be amazed at the transformation that it makes. In this article we will provide you with four examples of how gratitude can make your life a whole lot better.
Other articles on gratitude will not discuss all of these things. We want you to have the complete inside track on how gratitude can transform your life so that you will be inspired to make this significant change in your life. So please read these four examples and then get working on your attitude of gratitude right away.

Use Gratitude to get into a happier mood
It is very easier to get into a bad mood if you do not have an attitude of gratitude. If someone has done something to upset you then rather than getting angry at them why not express some gratitude towards them instead? We appreciate that this is not an easy thing to do and will require some practice but it will certainly be worth it.
You will find when you do this that your mood will change from a negative angry state to a happier state. This is especially useful in your relationship with your partner. Don’t let things that they do to annoy you put you in a bad mood and get into an argument. Instead think how grateful you are and tell them this.

Use Gratitude to improve your Relationship
The number of break ups and divorces in the world today seems to be rising at an alarming rate. People tend to fly off the handle with their partner over the smallest of things. If you are someone that likes to criticize your partner for all of their failings then change your approach and show them gratitude instead. It will be easy for you to find things that you are grateful about your partner when you put your mind to it. Tell your partner why you are so grateful to have them in your life and make them feel great. Notice how their face changes and the words that they say in reply. Gratitude will certainly help you to make your relationships stronger.

You can be a better Parent with Gratitude
If you have children then it is pretty easy for you to become frustrated with them. They do things that you don’t want them to do and this leads to anger and disappointment. In this situation most parents will express their disappointment to their kids which just creates a negative atmosphere. When you criticize your kids they are going to feel really bad about what they have done. So think about why you are truly grateful to have your children and tell them this. This will change their mood straight away and everyone will feel better for the experience.

Gratitude helps you to cope with a Tragedy
If you experience a tragedy in your life such as losing a loved one, then think about the people that are left in your life and express your gratitude for this. We all have to face tragedies in life at some time or another and the most important thing is that you do not let this totally overcome you.
By expressing your gratitude for the people that you still have in your life you will be more positive about moving forward. Use these amazing benefits to transform your life for the better through an attitude of gratitude.

Check out this mindmap for ideas.

The Major Benefits Of Gratitude
A lot of people have heard that adopting an attitude of gratitude can transform their lives for the better but don’t believe that this is true. They are not prepared to make the change to a gratitude based life because they don’t see the rewards for doing this as being worthwhile.
Well in this article we will discuss the major benefits of gratitude and hope that this will convert you to developing an attitude of gratitude. We hope that you will see that these benefits are truly life changing and that making the transition to gratitude is totally worth it.

Gratitude makes you Happier
Nobody can be happy 24 hours a day but when you have an attitude of gratitude you will be happier a lot more than if you don’t have one. How does this work? Well when you appreciate the things that you have in your life you will remove yourself from the “wanting” spiral.
Each time that you think about things in your life to be grateful for, and express your gratitude, then you will feel happy. You can do this several times a day there are no limits. Contrast this to someone who is constantly craving new things in their life. They are not going to be happy very often.

You will become an Optimist
Optimism is a great thing. It transforms your thinking from negative to positive. It gives you hope for the future and you will love the transformation. When you are a pessimist all you see is doom and gloom. You are scared of the future and what it will bring. Your life is controlled by events that happen around you rather than by you.
Optimism does not mean that you just blindly accept everything. What it does mean is that you are able to see opportunities all around you and that you have the confidence that your future is looking bright. If you had anxiety about your future before then optimism will help significantly with this.

Problems will not Overwhelm you
We all have to face problems in our lives and overcome them. For some people even the smallest problems can overwhelm them. For others the really big problems stress them out and they become very anxious. Most people have a very negative attitude towards problems that they face in their lives.
With an attitude of gratitude you will be able to see the good in everything. You will see problems as an opportunity for you to grow. For the larger problems it is a chance for you to learn and do things that you haven’t before. You accept that problems are a part of life and you believe that they will help you to grow as a person.

Physical Health Benefits
A lot of research studies have shown that people that have an attitude of gratitude strengthen their immune system which leads to all other kinds of physical health benefits. With a stronger immune system you will be able to fight off sickness and have the energy to keep going when others have to stop.

Mental Health Benefits
Gratitude is good for your mental health as well. With an attitude of gratitude you will prevent stress and if it does happen then you will deal with it a lot easier. Because expressing gratitude makes you happy it will release hormones that will brighten your mood as well.
With an attitude of gratitude one can keep their mindset hopeful. Don’t despair for what can’t be. Be thankful for what you are able to do. 

Journaling for Health

Journaling Your Way Through Personal Challenges
One of the best ways to get through a personal challenge or crisis is through journaling your thoughts in writing. It helps bring up emotions for clearing. It surfaces creative solutions to the situation you’re dealing with. And it serves as a record of your experience that you may want to turn to again.
The general notion of journaling might not interest everyone. But there are multiple ways to journal, and at least one of them is likely to appeal to (and benefit) you. Here are five formats, each with a different application, that you may want to explore.
A Story Book
Human beings are natural story-tellers, and keeping a story journal can be especially helpful if you’re depressed, struggling with a sudden crisis or unresolved tragedy, or living with a chronic ailment.
Stories have a beginning, middle and end. Write your experience much as you would tell a story. Some experts advise writing about the same episode several times; the retelling often gives new perspective.
A Worry Book
This format can benefit those who suffer from anxiety, stress, or insomnia.
Draw a line down the center of a page. On the left, write some of the issues that are upsetting you and on the right list some of the steps you’ve taken to address the problem, or some solutions you can try. Use this space to plan, organize and strategize for the future.
A Daily Log
This log is useful if you want to get more fit, spend less money, understand your body’s rhythms, or chart your recovery from illness. Use this journal to keep track of anything from growing a garden to growing a child.
In this journal, you simply record the facts: how far you walked or how long you exercised, how much you spent on what, how your body feels, etc. You may also want to write some narrative in addition to the “facts.”
A Couple or Family Journal
Enhances communications, deepens emotional bonds, encourages trust and intimacy.
The journal is left in a place where everyone has free access, anytime. Each person is encouraged to write, recording his or her thoughts or feelings, or in response to another person’s entry. Remember to write compliments and encouragements as well as writing through problems and misunderstandings.
A Gratitude Journal
This can be especially helpful to those who are inclined to be pessimistic, depressed, over-stressed or in the midst of a crisis. And it’s a journal which can bring anyone joy.
Simply make a list of that for which you are thankful. From the smallest to the grandest, the very personal to the global. Every day write five to ten things for which you are grateful. It doesn’t matter if you repeat yourself.

What Needs Do You Need Fulfilled?

Take this Quiz to see how you are doing regarding self-care and self-actualization!

Quiz: How Well Do You Fulfill Your Needs?

A number of years ago humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow realized that the foundation for physical and psychological wellness had to do with getting certain needs met. He developed the “Hierarchy of Needs,” from which the following quiz is adapted. Answer the questions to determine how well your basic and growth needs are being met.
I get adequate sleep and rest.
My basic nutritional needs are met.
I have a place to live that provides warmth and shelter and I am physically comfortable.
Exercise and recreation needs are met through regular routines and planned activities.
My need for sexual expression is fulfilled.
Safety and Security
With very few exceptions, I feel secure and safe from harm.
There is adequate stability and routine in my life.
I experience financial security and prosperity that isn’t based on money.
I feel emotionally safe.
I can expect consistency and fairness in my daily life.
My need for meaningful work is filled.
Love and Belonging
I feel loved—important, wanted, valued, and desirable.
I am able to love myself as well as others.
I have close intimate or affectionate relationships with significant others.
I have a sense of belonging in my family.
I am able to understand others and feel understood by them.
I have a few very close friends and a larger circle of other friends and associates.
I am involved in communities such as clubs or teams, church or spiritual groups, professional, cultural or social organizations.
Though I am sometimes alone, I don’t often experience loneliness.
Esteem of Self and Esteem of Others
Most of the time I feel competent and up to the rigors of day-to-day life.
I live with integrity and respect for myself.
I trust my opinions, my thoughts and ideas, and my intuition.
I have confidence in myself and my abilities.
My self-care includes physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of my life.
I feel useful and that I make valuable contributions to others.
I experience feelings of independence and freedom.
I feel respected and appreciated by others.
I receive adequate recognition and attention.
I have a sense of living with purpose.
I am able to take risks and meet new challenges.
My need to be true to my own nature is being fulfilled.
I experience a feeling of peace and well-being most of the time.
My deepest desires are being realized.
Having our needs met doesn’t mean we begin at birth with the need for adequate food and shelter and move forward as we age until we fulfill our needs for self-actualization. Life is not lived in a straight line. Nor does being self-actualized mean everything is perfect. Rather this quiz offers checkpoints along the way of gratification and personal growth.
If you have any questions about this quiz, or want more information, please don’t hesitate to ask. Everyone deserves to have their needs met.