The Book Nook with Sarah

I quite enjoyed being interviewed by Sarah Hilton this morning for her Rogers show,

The Book Nook with Sarah. Stay tuned for the show to be aired this fall.

We discussed my book Getting Well: Mind, Body & Spirit and Healing Your Energy Body.

book Nook with Sarah

Getting Well Press Release

Getting Well: Mind, Body & Spirit
Wanda is taking book orders and offering free delivery in London and area. Call 226-374-9045 or email

Getting Well: Mind, Body & Spirit

Getting Well: Mind, Body & Spirit is Released

Wanda is excited to announce the launch of the new book she coauthored.

Getting Well

Mind, Body & Spirit


A powerful book for women involving healing your energy body, nutritional healing, food allergies, the mind-body connection, stress management, coping with depression, restoring vitality, rebuilding self-esteem, benefits of self-care and more! Written by international naturopaths, chiropractors, wellness consultants, empowerment coaches, including Holistic Health Practitioner Wanda Davis, this book helps you live a healthier life.



This highly anticipated book is now available from the contributing authors, Professional Woman Publishing, and Amazon Books.

Retail Price: $19.95 plus gst

350 pages

Here is a “Peek” from Wanda’s chapter, titled Healing Your Energy Body.

“Health is the free and balanced flow of chi. If the flow is disrupted, it can decrease the functioning of organs and tissues of the physical body, causing illness. Overall, the body is able to heal itself, so any assistance helping the flow of energy allows the body to help itself. There is not only a physical link from the energy body to health, but also an emotional, mental and spiritual link. Negative thoughts and feelings can also disrupt the flow of chi and will eventually manifest as an illness in the physical body if not released.”

Contact Wanda to purchase your copy of Getting Well. 

Phone: 226-374-9045


Wanda offers free delivery in the London area. 

Draws for a free copy of the book will be held at book launch events in the London area.  See for upcoming events.