What are Your Gifts?

Sedona is a magical place. First, being amongst the gorgeous scenery of the red rocks was awesome. Second, feeling the energies of the area was an experience not to be missed. Before the trip we had arranged several guided tours. We heard often from these tour guides, and truly believed, that you did not have to be right at a vortex to experience the energies of Sedona; it really is the whole area.

What is a Vortex? The area of Sedona has four main energy vortexes of subtle energy. These vortexes are swirling centers of subtle energy coming out from the surface of the earth. It is said that the subtle energy interacts with who a person is inside and resonates with and strengthens the Inner Being of each person. The earth subtle energy is similar to the subtle energy that operates in our chakras. Just being near these vortexes provides an uplifting experience and has positive effects.

It was amazing to see the Juniper tree responses to the vortex energy and the twist of the trunks and branches. The lines of growth follow a slow helical spiral along the length of the branch. Hiking amongst the rocks in the areas of the vortexes is an exhilarating experience. I found myself fascinated by the dry waterfalls, areas through which water would be rushing during a rain storm. There is also fantastic shopping for jewelry, crystals and spiritual objects.

One stop that I really appreciated was the Amitabha Stupa, a physical embodiment of the Buddha’s enlightened mind with prayers for peace. This is well worth the visit. And just behind the Stupa is a medicine wheel at which we participated in ritual and ceremony. I also did my first sweat lodge in Sedona, which was also a wonderful experience. However, I must admit that with all the insights I was processing during my trip it is difficult to remember it all.

One tour guide, Joseph White Wolf, explained that the beauty that we see in the rocks of Sedona reflects our own inner beauty. He also was the one who said people come to Sedona to discover their own gifts. This trip truly clarified my purpose and gifts. Maybe a trip to Sedona will be in your future. I know I will be going back again soon.

Are You Feeling Empowered?

Certain people are great at empowering others by giving encouragement, confidence and mentorship. However, empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights, which means each of us needs to empower ourselves and change from within. This means being kind to one’s self and understanding our worthiness.
So how is this done?

  • First of all, don’t judge yourself. Don’t compare yourself to someone else and really love yourself.
  • Truly know yourself by knowing your strengths and your skills. Appreciate yourself for those skills.
  • Do something for yourself by continually learning. Take a new class or go to a workshop.
  • Be aware of your words, both self-talk and to others. Words are very powerful.
  • Learn to say “no”.
  • Be positive and “Fake it until you make it”.
  • Know what you want and dream big. Set those goals! Note that this was a topic of a previous newsletter. http://us4.campaign-archive2.com/?u=12250b0bdcea5dedaec4a12b8&id=6c1d31ea13&e=4b22520c6a
  • Take responsibility for yourself, your actions and thoughts. Don’t blame others.
  • Acknowledge all your successes, no matter how small.
  • Connect to your inner self.
  • Empower others!

Once you are feeling empowered you can accomplish anything you want!

Be True to Your Heart

Be True to Your Heart

listen to heartPlain and simple, Listen to your Heart. It truly is what you need to follow. Your Heart will not lead you astray like your mind and ego do. And that is the tricky part, how to follow your heart, know you are in tune with your heart and not be distracted by the rest. This article is a follow-up from January so go back and read that one if necessary. In January’s Elements I talked about figuring out what you want, but this month we go deeper and talk about determining whether that goal is true for you and is your heart’s desire.

Your Soul Purpose

Part of finding your soul purpose is understanding your heart’s desire. What is it you truly want? What is right for you? What will make you thrive, be excited and full of joy? What will help you evolve into who you were meant to be? Yes, this is all part of the journey, but sometimes you need to figure out what direction to start in. When you are on the right track, things fall into place and it all feels so easy, even if there is work involved, because you don’t mind spending the time doing it.

So where you do start?

First, take some time to get to know yourself. What are your values? Really think about what is important to you. Next, think about what you want to accomplish in this life? How do you want to evolve? These can be small or big goals, depending on where you are at this time. What is it that you would want to be remembered for, whether this is for your next birthday or at your funeral?

speak to your soulTo figure out if this idea works for you, you need to stop and feel it. Take some time to breathe into your heart. Be still, perhaps meditate and breathe. Now think about your goal or idea. How does it feel? Does it feel light or heavy? Light is true for you. Don’t let your mind start analyzing. Don’t let your ego start saying you are not good enough. Don’t let other thoughts about what other people would say about it interfere. No judgement. No shoulds. Be with your heart soul and ask. Be aware of where else in your body you “feel” this decision. If something is sitting in the bottom of your gut this may not be right for you. Be in tune with your higher self and the best way to do that is through your heart. This is where you find your deeper purpose. There may be some fear involved, but that is just your mind worried about change. Your mind likes to take the easy route and stay the same.

Now start thinking about that goal as if you have already done it. How does that feel? Do you feel excited and powerful with the thought of it? Do you feel confident that this is great for you and brings you joy? Do you get that sense of fulfillment? Do you feel valued?

To start acting on your true desire is following your heart. It is also being true to you. This is part of self-love. Realize your power and make it happen. Of course, a bit of coaching along the way will help you define that purpose and then plan the action steps.


Be True to You

Continue to be mindful and as you go the path that is true to you be aware of the feelings. Stay heart-centred, practice self-care, forgive and love yourself, be responsible for yourself and live with intention and purpose. Be authentic to yourself. And be grateful for all that you learn along the way. This is the way to attract more to be grateful for. Be true to your heart and yourself.true

be true to self

What Do You Want?

“If you don’t know what you want you’ll end up with what you get. ” Unknown

What do you want? Do you have a clear vision? Or are you still unsure of your direction? Perhaps you are looking for clarity for what to choose? Sometimes you just need to follow your own intuition.

I loved these points from tinybuddha.com. First, what does your heart really want at this time? Don’t try to think about it, just follow your heart. Next, take note on what you are sensing. Sit with a choice and really feel what it feels like. And in Access we say, Does it feel light or heavy? Go with it if it feels light. Realize that something may not end up looking like you envision it. And that is okay.

Another thing from Access is, what would you choose in this 10 seconds? And in this 10 seconds? Know that you can continually make choices. The most important thing is to make that choice. Don’t stay stuck and don’t choose anything. Just choose something and if it does not feel right, choose again.

What you focus on, shows up in your life! What you put out into the universe will come back to you so set your goals, make your plans and state your dreams. To be successful you need that goal in mind. Practice making an “I Want” list. This is similar to doing your gratitude list (where you appreciate what you already have to gain more).

Really be true with yourself, even if it feels selfish. You don’t want to live your life with regrets. Admit to yourself what you really want. What would really make you happy? What would bring the most joy? Continue to play with the possibilities and your preferences will come to the surface. What else is possible?

Are you a little uncomfortable with an idea, but the idea feels right? Write it down and start talking to people about it. Get used to your new direction. You can even ask yourself, what would be even better? And then, what would be even better than that? How does it get any better than that? Now you have really pointed yourself in your true direction. Remember to play and have fun.

Once you have your purpose in mind, start creating your own reality. Embrace your goals and go for it.

If you need help clarifying some questions to ask to find your direction, contact me about my coaching programs. Coaching also helps keep you accountable to moving in the right direction and reaching those goals.

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