davis036webWanda Davis, M.Sc., B.Sc., B.Ed.

The Balance Generator






Certified Coach and Energy Conductor

Reiki Master/Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner

Access Bars and Body Process Facilitator



To be the person to whom people refer friends, family and colleagues everywhere to get in their power and find fulfillment, clarity, more peace and well-being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Through coaching, asking questions, listening, teaching and working with energy, my programs create dynamic learning opportunities, leading clients to release limiting beliefs and negative thoughts allowing discovery of true self and purpose with the understanding of being valued, worthy and powerful.

Core Values

Commitment to Allowing Others to be Heard
Continued Learning and Growth
Respect & Integrity
Much Gratitude
Following the Energy of Possibilities

My Why

I was born in Oshawa, ON and my father worked at General Motors at the time and my mother became a stay at home mum. My father soon got a job as a teacher in Bancroft, ON and then a job in Brampton where he stayed for the rest of his teaching career, thus I grew up in the traditional middle class family. There was money for family camping trips across Canada and the US with my younger brother and sister, nothing extravagant, but we were taken care of. Earlier challenges in life included needing speech therapy and a lack of athleticism resulting in much teasing from other classmates. Some relationships also contributed to the bullying when I hung out with the crowd that pushed my boundaries to uncomfortable levels and I was not willing to go against my instincts.

However, my father was a yeller. He was respected and involved in many volunteer organizations, but could never find the papers he needed for meetings. My father yelled primarily at my mother, but I felt powerless to stop the emotional abuse and was always afraid of being yelled at and felt like I was “walking on eggshells” and would flinch when the yelling began.  This led to me being a people pleaser with a huge fear of confrontation and judgement. But I excelled in school academically, realizing that was something I could do well.

Early on in high school it was discovered that I had scoliosis, curvature of the spine. I spent a month in Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto when I was 16 for surgical insertion of Herrington rods alongside my spine and wore a back brace for many months afterwards. Dealing with these health issues in the middle of the teen years further contributed to poor body self esteem. I always wanted to figure out the Why for things and went to McMaster University to study sciences. University was fun (a lot of parties, music and alcohol) and I signed on for a Masters in Science not knowing what to do next.

I began dating my husband, Bill, at the end of university and soon after marrying I found myself pregnant with our first child. We moved to London where I began working as a Research Technician in a research science laboratory. However, after 10 years Iwas bored of this position since I was still the one responsible for washing the dishes on top of the interesting experiments I got to perform. I wanted more. Next was Teacher’s College at Western thinking I would teach sciences, but it was difficult to get a permanent teaching position and I did not really enjoy teaching science. I worked at Let’s Talk Science for 2 years as a Project Coordinator for publication of science resources, but since this was not a permanent position I decided to try teaching again. I found that my passion was teaching Special Education and helping special needs students, but was never able to gain permanent teaching employment and did not feel valued for my skills.

It was around this time that I was introduced to the great benefits of guided meditation and Reiki. Taking a leave from teaching sciences in Woodstock (a job that disagreed with me energetically), I became a Reiki Master/Teacher. I started my own business, Elements of Healing Energy, understanding that Reiki helps people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually providing peace and serenity. I also became a Shamanic Healing Practitioner in addition to studying spirituality. I published a chapter in the book Getting Well: Mind, Body & Spirit about the energy body and how to take care of it. During 2011 and 2012 I had many unusual energetic experiences and became more connected with universal energies and truly believe that energy is everything. My beloved mother passed away in Sept 2012, even though it had been my father that had been ill with pancreatic cancer for 10 years by this time, but having an understanding of the soul continuing on gave me comfort.

I then embraced Access Consciousness teachings and became a Bars and Body Process Facilitator. I realized that I’ve done things to numb myself to the overwhelming energies of others and have learned to balance and work with the energies around me. I became a Certified Coach Practitioner through the Canadian Coaching Federation and currently help people discover their purpose and the power of their self worth. Through the use of coaching and energy work people feel fulfilled, valued, worthy and in their power.

Wanda is a Life Coach, Holy Fire Reiki Master/Teacher, Access Bars and Body Process Facilitator, Shamanic Practitioner,  a Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice and a student of  Therapeutic Touch.  Wanda began her Journey of Discovery to explore options to help with her chronic back pain, but realized that she discovered a lot about herself in the process. She has been studying Reiki and shamanism for close to 10 years.

Her business name is Elements of Healing Energy where she offers  holistic healing treatments to help people get well and stay well.  

Treatments may include any of the mentioned energy therapies or using shamanic healing methods. Wanda teaches Reiki and Shamanic Journeying, leads workshops on various topics and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. 

Wanda is a registered professional member of the International Centre for Reiki Training. 

Past careers include being a research science technician  with a strong science background, a project coordinator, and a high school teacher specializing in special education with counselling experience. She now combines all her skill sets as a health and wellness professional. 

Wanda is a co-author of the book, Getting Well: Mind, Body and Spirit,  published by PWN Publishing with a release date of March 2013. 

Wanda Davis is a Professional member of the Reiki Membership Association. www.reikimembership.com

The International Center for Reiki Training ensures that  “members have completed a required course of study, agree to abide by a code of ethics and standards of practice and use approved class manuals when teaching.” 

Wanda loves to teach Reiki and Shamanic Journeying to allow others to empower themselves. 

Please see www.reiki.org for more information about Reiki.

Wanda Volunteers

Wanda has always believed in giving back to the community.  In the past she was a Master Gardener who spent time listening to and answering gardening questions.  

Today Wanda volunteers for Wellspring and Hospice of London as a Reiki therapist.  

These organizations value the benefits of energy therapies.


Wanda is a member of Leading Edge Network of London.