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July 2021 What is Grace?

June 2021 Interrupting Negative Patterns

May 2021 Living Your Gifts

April 2021 Nurturing Your Resiliency

March 2021 Healing Trauma

February 2021 Thinking About Boundaries

January 2021 A New Beginning


December 2020 The Attitude of Gratitude and Hope

November 2020 Happiness Through Self-Care

October 2020 Journaling for Health

September 2020 How Well Do You Cope with Change?

August 2020 What Needs Do You Need Fulfilled?

July 2020 Graciousness and Gratitude

June 2020 Waking Up

May 2020 Stop and Pause

April 2020 What is Your Role?

March 2020 Living Your Life Well

February 2020 Taking Responsibility

January 2020 Choosing Your Happiness


December 2019 Do You Give it All Away?

November 2019 What Scares You?

October 2019 It’s All About Them; Being Attentive

September 2019 How Do You Handle Fear?

August 2019 How is Your Energy?

July 2019 Getting Unstuck

June 2019 Conquer Your Fears

May 2019 How Well do You Manage Stress?

April 2019 Are You your own Leader?

March 2019 How Happy are You?

February 2019 What Actions will you Change?

January 2019 Choose Happiness


December 2018 Are You Taking Good Care of Yourself?

November 2018 Transitioning from Fall to Winter

October 2018 What are You willing to Receive?

September 2018 Self-Responsibility, Questions and Growth

August 2018 What are You Hoping For?

July 2018 How do You Keep a Positive Mindset?

June 2018 How Do You Show Resiliency?

May 2018 How Much Joy Can You Stand?

April 2018 How do You Practice Vulnerability?

March 2018 Spring Reawakening

February 2018 What can You Learn from Your Shadow?

January 2018 Taking Stock


December 2017 Solstice Blessings and Inspirations

November 2017 Creating What You Want in Life

October 2017 Update Book Release

October 2017 Are You Living with Gratitude?

September 2017 How Balanced are You Feeling?

August Update 2017 Are You Living Your Own Life?

August 2017 How is Your Spiritual Health?

July 2017 How Much Time Do You Spend in Silence?

June 2017 What are Your Summer Plans?

May 2017 How Can You Contribute to the Earth?

April 2017 What are Your Gifts?

March 2017 Are You Feeling Empowered?

February 2017 Be True to Your Heart

January 2017 What Do You Want?


December 2016 Hallelujah

November 2016 A Day in The Life

October 2016 Creating from Chaos

September 2016 What do You Want to Become?

August 2016 Why Coaching?

July 2016 What are You Curious About?

June 2016 Is It Time for Some Change?

May 2016 When Did You Last Sing With Joy?

April 2016 What Questions have you asked Today?

March 2016 What will you do with Your Extra Day?

February 2016 What can Help Me be More Authentic Part 1

January 2016 Saying Good-Bye and Looking Forward


December 2015 What Can Energy Work Do For You?

November 2015 The Time of Samhain

October 2015 What Do You Do for Self-Care?

September 2015  What Do You Need to Let Go?

August 2015 When Do You Find Yourself Overthinking Things?

July 2015 How Do You Allow?

June 2015 Where Do You Find Wisdom?

May 2015 How Do You Find Success?

April 2015 How Do You Get Creative?

March 2015 What Dreams Do You Have?

February 2015 Which is Your Most Important Relationship?

January 2015 What Goals Do You Have?


December 2014 Any Lessons to Learn?

November 2014 Fall Reflections

October 2014 What Do You Have to be Grateful For?

September 2014 What Transitions are Happening in Your Life?

August 2014 Enjoy the Sunshine!

July 2014 How Do You Create Your Reality?

June 2014 How do You Lower Your Stress Levels?

May 2014 Happy Beltane!

April 2014 Are You Enchanted or Disenchanted?

March 2014 How do You Inspire Change?

February 2014 The Celebration of Imbolc and Brigid

January 2014 How Do You Plan to Take Care of Yourself This Year?


December 2013 Are You Assertive Enough?

November 2013 Are You Grateful for Clarity?

October 2013 What Are You Harvesting This Autumn?

September 2013 What are You Celebrating?

August 2013 What Qualities Are Needed to Reach Your Goals?

July 2013 Happy Canada Day! How do you show that you are a proud Canadian?

June 2013 How Well Do You Maintain Balance?

May Update 2013 Exciting Teleseminar Update

May 2013 What Colour Are You Feeling Today?

April 2013 Are You Feeling Grounded?

March 2013 New Location and Happy St. David’s Day!

February Update 2013 Upcoming Workshops

February 2013 What’s the Difference?

January Update 2013 Check out some exciting events that Wanda is involved with.

January 2013 Reiki helps heal unwanted habits.


December 2012 Update Wanda has a new London Location and shares some Cohen lyrics. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

December 2012 Keep Love in Your Heart

November 2012 November Update

November 2012 What Healing are You in Need Of?

October Update 2012 Reminders of Upcoming Events

October 2012 Why you need to Release Your Limiting Beliefs

September Update 2012 Now Serving Exeter

September 2012 Top 10 Sources of Stress

August 2012 Life Lessons from the Garden

July Update 2012

July 2012 Life’s Choices Aren’t All Easy, But They Are All Yours

June 2012 Update

June 2012 Meditation Helps Heal

May 2012 Being Grateful

April 2012 Update Special This Week

April 2012 Learn to Stay Heart-Centred

March 2012 It is not officially spring, but it sure feels like it.  Begin to manifest your dreams for this year.

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