Gene Key Profile Sessions

Guide’s Program

I have now completed the Gene Keys Guide Program! It better equips me with the knowledge to give Profile and coaching sessions to assist others with discovering the deeper meaning of their Gene Keys Profile (which you can get free at The Gene Keys fits in so well with my coaching practice. I look forward to offering group coaching sessions at later dates on the different sequences. I can’t wait to share more of this transformative framework that has really deepened my sense of self. 

Gene Keys Profile Session

I am currently offering Profile sessions at the introductory investment of $75 for 60-90 min (regular coaching is $125). In this session we look at the spheres in your Activation Sequence which include information regarding your inner purpose and well-being. We discuss your shadows, gifts and siddhis in addition to other insights that I can contribute. Feel free to contact me at or 2263749045 to book a session or if you have some questions about it we can book a free 15 min consult. Here are some testimonials:

Wanda conducted a deep analysis of my gifts, talents, challenges through her insightful and analytical approach to the coveted Gene Keys personal growth program. With just one session I now have greater confidence in my natural talents, a clearer vision of my life’s path and purpose, and a deeper understanding of my inner challenges and blockages holding me back from realizing my potential. Thank you Wanda for empowering me with your insights and impactful coaching! 

If you want to learn more about yourself, your purpose, challenges and gifts then you need to book a Gene Keys session with Wanda.  She will guide you through your unique profile and reveal meaning that you won’t find anywhere else.  Wanda has an ability to guide you towards insights about yourself through thoughtful prompts in such a relaxed manner. I left my session feeling transformed with new awareness and ideas for next steps and further growth. I highly recommend spending time with her.

The Art of Contemplation course from Richard Rudd can always be revisited as one goes deeper with their contemplation practice. This online course includes the audio version of the hard to get book, The Art of Contemplation. Contemplation is not meditation, but it can also help you gain insights and inner peace. Now is your chance to read this book with additional course materials. Check out:

We are currently in the transit of Gene Key 24, Shadow of Addiction, Gift of Invention and Siddhi of Silence. Silence is the ultimate addiction. Feel free to ask me more questions about The Gene Keys and how you can use them to have growth in your life. Get your free profile at: #genekeys