Next StepElements of Coaching – Why Coaching?

7 Step Coaching System to Create Balance in Your Life

                                   through Growth and Goal Success

Define Your Purpose and Stand in Your Power.

  1. Define Your Purpose or Goal
  2. Goal Elaboration & Assessment
  3. Possibilities & Processing
  4. Action Plan
  5. Accountability and Responsibility
  6. Re-evaluation
  7. Celebration

Words from a Valued Client

The coaching sessions with Wanda were definitely helpful. I am grateful for the improved focus in my work. When I contacted Wanda my goal was to figure out what my goal could be….in more specific terms than “wild woman artist”! Together we discussed creating a website where my creativity could be shared online. This challenge suits my desire to improve my creative skills while still protecting my independence. NJ Kelly

Do you feel “lost” and have no direction?

  • Have you ever decided to do something, but don’t get around to it?
  • Do you have goals and dreams, but not sure where to start?
  • Health Goals? Financial Goals? New Career? Well-being?

Hire a Coach to Create Results Today

A Coach is a trained professional who has the skills to help individuals create positive changes and see new possibilities.

A Coach holds You Accountable to reach and experience those Dreams and Goals.  You get Individualized Support to outline the action steps needed. Expand Your Life now!

CCF-CertLifeCoach(web) Wanda is a Certified Coach Practitioner who helps You Realize the Possibilities, Achieve Results and Succeed.

 Possibility Packages available to Create Your Life With or Without Energy Sessions to Support Your Goals