What is Radionics?


Psychotronics is the study of, and interaction with, devices that involve focused intent which includes both Dowsing and Radionics. Both involve connecting with the sea of consciousness and energy (the universal energy field), but in a different way than energy work. Radionics involves tuning into an object (this can be a person, animal, garden or business,etc.) to create a link (done with a photo and some DNA such as a lock of hair) and with focused intent operates at the quantum level to define specific scalar frequencies (energy wave and information) and then broadcasts those intents across time and space. 

How Radionics helps

So Radionics is done at a distance with the recipient receiving the energy information immediately (same principles as distant energy healing). Radionics is like a radio tuning into a specific object, receiving and analyzing information about that object and then broadcasting intentional information out on frequency waves to that object. The information that gets sent out may be in the form of a rate or command that has the informational frequency of the intent such as a healthy organ such as heart or liver or general vitality. The software program I use has over 20,000 rates included. I can also program information into objects such as crystals. The Radionics device allows me to analyze, measure and send, but never to diagnose. It works on the energetic level and the idea is that when the object receives the informational energy that it will affect the physical. It is still up to the person and their body to heal themselves. Radionics is providing the information that is needed for the healing.  

Radionics can help balance the chakras, send the informational energy of herbs and Bach flowers and increase the vitality and health of organs, tissues and cells. The possibilities are endless. The practitioner uses their awareness and intuition using the instrument to tune into the energy resonance of the situation to figure out what is best in each case. I love Radionics since it is a great blend of right and left brain activities. 

Different Radionics packages are available. For a focused intent there is the 1 month package which would include several sendings during that time. For a individualized program with several intents it is recommended to get the 3 month package that includes updates within the time. See Shop for details and pricing. 

Radionics is not a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment.


I experienced a sudden episode of severe lower back pain that medication did not alleviate (didn’t help at all, actually). I could not move without the pain bowling me over. It was, in a word, horrible. Wanda’s radionics treatments helped immensely. I felt my back relax during and well after the sessions, even after the first session. I cannot describe the relief, once I started healing. I know this modality got me back on my feet much quicker. I would not hesitate to have radionics sessions again, for any problem. Thanks, Wanda!  -Jane Charbonneau

Radionics has become part of my regular wellness program as it works on so many levels to balance whatever is out of alignment for me.  I love that it can be tailored to whatever the current issue is, such as a broken wrist, or simply an overall re-balancing when I just feel not my best.  The benefits of the energy healing are felt in my physical body and I have recovered much faster as a result.    I am grateful to Wanda for introducing me to radionics and I highly recommend it to anyone I know who is seeking ways to heal.    -Greta